District 201N1
DG David Emanuel

New South Wales, Australia

District Governor John Davis 2017-2018




From the DG's Desk

June 2018

What an honour it has been to serve as your District Governor this year! I want to thank all the clubs in the district for making us feel welcome and working with me so diligently this year. My theme for the year “Embracing new ideas and growth in the spirit of harmony and friendship”. The purpose of my theme was to unite and encourage clubs to move forward and implement the changes that are necessary to adapt to our changing environment. I’m confident that we have achieved in this respect as more clubs have implemented changes in technology and services that have arisen as result of contemporary living.

In March I completed my official visits to Manilla and Premer Lions Clubs and we both enjoyed the fellowship and hospitality by these Clubs. 

We were honoured to have been asked to attend a special meeting at Coffs Harbour Pacific City Lions Club in April to induct and welcome the new members and two transferees into the club.

During my year several clubs celebrated milestones. Since my last report we attended Nambucca Heads 50th anniversary celebration of Charter and Tamworth Lioness Club celebrated their 20th Charter anniversary.

We were very fortunate to have PCC Lou Onley present the training of our District’s Region and Zone Chairs.

Club Development Leadership forums have been taking place since the end of April. These forums are an important tool for those taking on Club Officer roles. This applies to all club members as it gives an understanding of how the system works, including the changes that are now part of the organisation. I will be assisting with the training to be held in Uralla and Gunnedah for incoming officers.

Training and development is very important for growth and succession for Lions to prosper. Changes are continually taking place. I encourage all Lions to become familiar with the Lions Clubs website and courses. There is nothing more important than understanding the organisation of which you are a member. It is extremely important that officers receive the information and material they need for the coming year. As most of you would be aware the system of reporting has changed dramatically over the past few years. Lions is moving on with the digital age.

Lions and Social media:  http:// members.lionsclubs.org/EN/resources/socialmedia/index.php 

Lions on the Web: http:// www.lionsclubs.org/EN/news-media/lions-on -the-web.php 

My year is not over yet. The month of June is the time for changeovers. I have been invited to conduct several during the month.

Rosalie and I had the pleasure to attend the Region, District and State finals of YOTY. The State finalists were excellent, their prepared speeches were of a very high standard. Elodie De Rover from N2 did well taking out the Public Speaking Award. Overall winner for the State Award was Lucy Witherden from N3. At the National level our State winner from N3, Lucy Witherden did brilliantly taking out the Public Speaking Award whilst Tom Rockliff of T1 was the overall winner and Youth of the Year. All contestants were excellent. 
Our MD convention in Townsville was amazing. There was an interesting Youth Forum. The Leo of the Year was won by Leo Dakota Gallagher. There were interesting and informative speakers, including International Director Tony Benbow, Council Chairperson, MD 307 Indonesia, Jono Koesmo and Council Chairperson, MD 202 New Zealand, Graeme Wilson. Professor Rebekah Russell Bennett spoke on Strategies to Grow Membership. Associate Professor Jamie Seymour spoke on Lions and Jellyfish research making the water safer for swimmers.  For those who haven’t attended a Multiple District Convention may I suggest going to Geelong next year. It is a great event as it gives us the opportunity to meet other Lions across Australia.

The incoming Council Chairperson Elect, DG Chris Howard, elected by the incoming District Governor Elects was announced at the Council Chairman dinner.  DG Chris Howard is the current governor of N2 district.

Membership numbers are of a concern throughout the multiple district, however, we saw in Townsville that we often neglect to ask people if they would be happy to join our organisation. When it was pointed out by some of our guests that they had never been invited to become a Lion member seven were invited. They all accepted and were inducted during the convention. Personally, it was a highlight for us when two members of our family happily accepted when asked if they would like to join, Professor Rebekah Russell Bennet and Greg Borchard were inducted as Lions on completion of Rebekah’s speech. Another personal highlight of my year took place in December when Rosalie was inducted into the Kootingal Lions Club.

Our District N1 received the Trophy for the biggest increase in sales of Cakes and Puddings – 2,269 kg up by 11%.

A very big thank you to all the Clubs throughout the N1 district for supporting Rosalie’s project Diabetes Awareness throughout my term as governor. All the proceeds will go to the Lions District 201N3 Diabetes Foundation for research, causes and treatment of diabetes. 

The raffle will be drawn at the Cabinet Changeover, in Armidale on 16th June 2018.

I want to thank my reliable Cabinet team for their amazing dedication and talent, and to my advisors for helping us navigate a few very challenging situations. Thank you all, for your support and guidance over this year.

I look forward to working with DGE David Emanuel. I know he will have a great time and that you will all work as hard for him as you did me. Rosalie and I wish DGE David and Jill a rewarding and fulfilling year. 

Finally, I want to thank all members of my own Club, Lions Club of Tamworth, for all the wonderful support and encouragement they have given Rosalie and me since I began my journey to now. This year has been the outcome of three years of hard work and planning. My club has been with me all the way. 

Reflecting on my time as governor it has been a wonderful experience and one of learning and intrigue. 

“The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there.” — L. P. Hartley, The Go-Between 

“One reason people resist change is because they focus on what they have to give up instead of what they have to gain”. Rick Godwin 

Yours in Lions

Lion John Davis
District Governor

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