District 201N1
DG Kevin Thornton (2020-2021)

New South Wales, Australia

The District, Lions Australia and Lions Clubs International provide a wealth of resources to assist Lions to run clubs, develop and retain members and guide the operations of your Lions Club. 

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Club Management, Governance, Legislation & Regulations, President, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership & Club Development, Public Relations, Webmaster and Cabinet Officer resources are included in the Members Only section. Lions Club members (District 201N1) may login using their first name, last name and membership number as it appears on the MyLCI Members Register. (Consult your Club Secretary or Mailing label of your Lions Magazine.)


Meet the District's Action Team

District Governor
(District Global Action Team Chairperson)

District Global Leadership Team Leader

District Global Membership Team Leader  

District Global Service Team Leader

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Role of the District's Action Team

1. We recognise that all Lions, Lioness & Leo Clubs in the District are working hard to support their communities and the broader projects of Lions Australia & Lions Clubs International

2. We appreciate the effort that every member makes to the Lions family.

3. Service is the basis of Lions (“We serve”). Each Club achieves very good things for their communities. When we come together as Lions, Lionesses & Leos can achieve great things.

4. Importance of Service

5. The aims of the Global Service Team are to assist clubs:

6. Goals for the District’s Global Service Team

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District Videos

YouTube: The District's Global Action Team has prepared the following series of short videos on Service, Membership and Leadership. All District Officers, Club Officers and Members are encouraged to watch these videos that discuss various aspects of Lions. The videos may be used at District, Zone and Club meetings as well as various training days.

Video 1 - The Relationship between Service, Membership & Leadership [1:24]

Video 2 - Service should always be at the forefront of every Lions Club [2:04]

Video 3 - Attracting new members through meaningful service [3:18]

Video 4 - Maintaining your membership … Maintaining your Club [3:57]

Video 5 - Developing Leadership [3:18]

Video 6 - Celebrating Service! [2:40]

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Support available from Lions Clubs International

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