District 201N1
DG Kevin Thornton (2020-2021)

New South Wales, Australia


"Every Child Deserves A Chance At Healthy Life"

Just over 600 children are diagnosed with childhood cancer each year in Australia. Tragically, 3 of those children will lose their battle with cancer every week. Medical research is the key to finding a cure for childhood cancer and ultimately putting an end to this heart breaking situation.

Many people and organisations generously support childhood cancer research. Lions Australia has been supporting childhood cancer research at least as far back as 1976. Lions formalised its support for childhood cancer research over 13 years ago by establishing the Lions Cord Blood & Childhood Cancer Research Appeal, the forerunner to the Australian Lions Childhood Cancer Research Foundation (ALCCRF) which was established in May 2009.

ALCCRF's vision is 100% survival of kids with cancer. Today survival rates average 80%. There is much work that still needs to be done, if one day we are to prevent all children with cancer from dying.

Funds donated by local Lions clubs and the public to ALCCRF will go to the best childhood cancer research conducted right across Australia which specifically targets improved survival rates.

We believe every child deserves a chance at a healthy life and we can all do our bit to help.

For more information on ALCCRF: