District 201N1
DG Kevin Thornton (2020-2021)

New South Wales, Australia


Australians have to endure the stress associated with emergencies that result from a wide range of natural and man-made disasters that recur on an annual basis. It is an inherent human characteristic to instantly offer assistance to any fellow human being in distress. Regrettably, such action will often introduce an element of chaos into an otherwise manageable situation; therefore properly structured preparation is essential.

The Lions organisation has proved (on a global scale) that it has an unmatched capability to provide direct and immediate humanitarian support at the point of most need. The capacity to provide this emergency service exists in the Australian Lions family. Although its members are not trained as fire fighters, rescuers or paramedics; nor structured for this purpose, each Lions Club is generally well positioned and capable to react immediately to alleviate the anguish and suffering of victims resulting from their loss of sustenance and/or personal effects.

With 28,000 Lions in 1,400 clubs, the Australian capacity is considerable - on the occasion of most incidents there will normally be a Lions Club located nearby. However, due to these Lions elements being dispersed over a vast area and the general lack of coordinated forward planning, it is not surprising that this has resulted in Lions not being “first to mind” with the general public and most emergency organisations. The need to redress this less than satisfactory situation has necessitated the production of the District Emergency Plan.

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