District 201N1
DG Kevin Thornton (2020-2021)

New South Wales, Australia

The District, Lions Australia and Lions Clubs International provide a wealth of resources to assist Lions to run clubs, develop and retain members and guide the operations of your Lions Club. 


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Club Management, Governance, Legislation & Regulations, President, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership & Club Development, Public Relations, Webmaster and Cabinet Officer resources are included in the Members Only section. Lions Club members (District 201N1) may login using their first name, last name and membership number as it appears on the MyLCI Members Register. (Consult your Club Secretary or Mailing label of your Lions Magazine.)


District Support

* myLion - New Reporting - February 2020
  - Presentation - Celebrating Service - Powerpoint Format (pptx - 10.7MB) - Click here
  - Presentation - Celebrating Service - Presentation Notes - Word Format (1.87MB) - Click here
  - Presentation - Celebrating Service - Presentation Notes - PDF Format (2.02MB) - Click here

District 201N1 has prepared the following notes to assist Clubs and Members

  •  Register for myLion – Steps to follow to register for a myLion account
  •  myLion Support Notes – provides support information
  •  myLion Reporting Guidance – provides guidance on concepts around reporting
  •  myLion Reporting Process – provides a step-by-step guide to report service activities.

* Register for myLion (Lions Clubs International Universal Login)
  -  PDF Format (2.2MB) - Click here

* myLion Support Notes - Revised 28 February 2020
  -  PDF Format (214KB) - Click here
  -  Word Format (84KB) - Click here

* myLion Reporting Guidance - Revised 28 February 2020
Please read in conjunction with LCI Guidance - Measuring Service Impact for Lions (Download here)
  -  PDF Format (355KB) - Click here
  -  Word Format (108KB) - Click here

* myLion Reporting Process - Prepared 28 February 2020
  -  PDF Format (1.3MB) - Click here;  -  Word Format (7.6MB

Resources provide by other Districts that may be of assistance

* myLion Reporting Past Activities - (Compliments Bryan Hearn - District 201C2) - August 2019
   -  PDF Format (1.04 MB) - Click here

District YouTube Channel:

MyLion - Reporting a Past Service Activity
Prepared 29 February 2020 [7:18]

District Support Officers:

For technical matters (for example, unable to create Lion account or unable to login to your Lions Account):
For activity reporting (including advice on reporting of global causes, service activities v fundraising, member hours, people served):
To update member information where Club Secretary and/or Club Administrator do not have access to a Lion Account:

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Lions Clubs International - myLion Support

Measuring Service Impact for Lions (PDF Document) - (Download here)

This guide provides guidance concerning service reporting by:

  • Defining what service means to Lions and Leos
  • Explaining the various ways Lions and Leos measure their impact
  • Providing direction on how to calculate the number of People Served

For further assistance and guidance - visit: https://www.lionsclubs.org/en/service-reporting

MyLion Update - July 2020

The MyLion website was upgraded Wednesday, July 22, 2020.

Web & Mobile Features

       Multiple Currencies

  • Enhanced the Report forms for Funds Donated and Funds Raised to allow the user to select a local currency
    • The system will automatically convert the value to USD and display the conversion
  • Threshold values will alert the user if a USD value seems high:
    • Funds Donated threshold = $12,000
    • Funds Raised threshold = $10,000
  • Clarified the People Served 3000 cap message to reflect reference to club activities

Web Features

  • Updated the system to provide a warning message if the browser detected is Internet Explorer

Mobile Features

  • Enhanced the Funds Donated and Funds Raised metrics to be consistent with the Web

Web Fixes

  • Fixed an issue in User Profile where labels were missing

MyLion Update - March 2020

External Release Notes

  • Mobile Features
    • Newsfeed
      • A user who follows a club will see posts created by any member of the followed club.
  • Web Features
    • Featured Photo
      • A user will be able to replace the defaulted image for an activity using the new report form and the default image no longer appears as part of the photo list
    • Created a new activity type called: Donation
    • Organization Receiving Donation
      • A user will be able to enter the name of the organization or individual who received a donation
    • Added the message ‘Number of People Served reflects a 3,000 cap per service activity’ in all areas that show People Served. (Mobile to follow)
  • Mobile & Web Features
    • Added Donation as an activity type (Android to follow)
    • Updated the system to include missing Hindi translations
    • Allow Guiding Lions to access the clubs they are sponsoring to assist with reporting service
  • Bug Fixes / Other Features
    • Web
      • Resolved the issue regarding photos disappearing when changing the activity type
      • Resolved the issue for non-member District/Multiple District Admins views on the My Activities & Metrics pages
      • Resolved the issue where users were shown a Dev Mode error if they were timed-out of a MyLCI session
      • Resolved the issue where users were being continuously redirected upon login and could not gain access to MyLion, Insights and Learn
    • Mobile
      • Resolved the issue for iOS where users were unable to save a profile photo

View Recording of myLion Webinar (conducted by Lions Clubs International) - 13 February 2020 => Click here

Website: https://mylion.zendesk.com

Resources on LCI Website:

Email: MyLionSupport@lionsclubs.org

Facebook Support Group:

  • MyLion Forum (Closed Group)

Other Facebook Online Support Groups

  • Lions Clubs Help and Support Group
  • Lions Global Action Team (Membership, Leadership & Service)

Lions Clubs International YouTube Channel:

MyLion Demonstration: Create a New Activity

MyLion Demonstration: Reporting a Past Activity

MyLion Club Webinar: How to use MyLion to support your service

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