District 201N1
DG Kevin Thornton (2020-2021)

New South Wales, Australia


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Welcome to the District MyLion Support page. On this page, you are able to:

  • access resources prepared by the District to support MyLion
  • find contact details for District Cabinet Offers who are able to provide support and assistance; and
  • access further information available from Lions Clubs International.


District Support

* myLion - New Reporting - February 2020
  - Presentation - Celebrating Service - Powerpoint Format (pptx - 10.7MB) - Click here
  - Presentation - Celebrating Service - Presentation Notes - Word Format (1.87MB) - Click here
  - Presentation - Celebrating Service - Presentation Notes - PDF Format (2.02MB) - Click here

District 201N1 has prepared the following notes to assist Clubs and Members

  •  Register for myLion – Steps to follow to register for a myLion account
  •  myLion Support Notes – provides support information
  •  myLion Reporting Guidance – provides guidance on concepts around reporting
  •  myLion Reporting Process – provides a step-by-step guide to report service activities.

* Register for myLion (Lions Clubs International Universal Login)
  -  PDF Format (2.2MB) - Click here

* myLion Support Notes - Revised 28 February 2020
  -  PDF Format (214KB) - Click here
  -  Word Format (84KB) - Click here

* myLion Reporting Guidance - Revised 28 February 2020
Please read in conjunction with LCI Guidance - Measuring Service Impact for Lions (Download here)
  -  PDF Format (355KB) - Click here
  -  Word Format (108KB) - Click here

* myLion Reporting Process - Prepared 28 February 2020
  -  PDF Format (1.3MB) - Click here;  -  Word Format (7.6MB

Resources provide by other Districts that may be of assistance

* myLion Reporting Past Activities - (Compliments Bryan Hearn - District 201C2) - August 2019
   -  PDF Format (1.04 MB) - Click here

District YouTube Channel:

MyLion - Reporting a Past Service Activity
Prepared 29 February 2020 [7:18]

District Support Officers:

For technical matters (for example, unable to create Lion account or unable to login to your Lions Account):
For activity reporting (including advice on reporting of global causes, service activities v fundraising, member hours, people served):
To update member information where Club Secretary and/or Club Administrator do not have access to a Lion Account:

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Lions Clubs International - myLion Support

Measuring Service Impact for Lions (PDF Document) - (Download here)

This guide provides guidance concerning service reporting by:

  • Defining what service means to Lions and Leos
  • Explaining the various ways Lions and Leos measure their impact
  • Providing direction on how to calculate the number of People Served

For further assistance and guidance - visit: https://www.lionsclubs.org/en/service-reporting

MyLion Update - July 2020

The MyLion website was upgraded Wednesday, July 22, 2020.

Web & Mobile Features

       Multiple Currencies

  • Enhanced the Report forms for Funds Donated and Funds Raised to allow the user to select a local currency
    • The system will automatically convert the value to USD and display the conversion
  • Threshold values will alert the user if a USD value seems high:
    • Funds Donated threshold = $12,000
    • Funds Raised threshold = $10,000
  • Clarified the People Served 3000 cap message to reflect reference to club activities

Web Features

  • Updated the system to provide a warning message if the browser detected is Internet Explorer

Mobile Features

  • Enhanced the Funds Donated and Funds Raised metrics to be consistent with the Web

Web Fixes

  • Fixed an issue in User Profile where labels were missing

MyLion Update - March 2020

External Release Notes

  • Mobile Features
    • Newsfeed
      • A user who follows a club will see posts created by any member of the followed club.
  • Web Features
    • Featured Photo
      • A user will be able to replace the defaulted image for an activity using the new report form and the default image no longer appears as part of the photo list
    • Created a new activity type called: Donation
    • Organization Receiving Donation
      • A user will be able to enter the name of the organization or individual who received a donation
    • Added the message ‘Number of People Served reflects a 3,000 cap per service activity’ in all areas that show People Served. (Mobile to follow)
  • Mobile & Web Features
    • Added Donation as an activity type (Android to follow)
    • Updated the system to include missing Hindi translations
    • Allow Guiding Lions to access the clubs they are sponsoring to assist with reporting service
  • Bug Fixes / Other Features
    • Web
      • Resolved the issue regarding photos disappearing when changing the activity type
      • Resolved the issue for non-member District/Multiple District Admins views on the My Activities & Metrics pages
      • Resolved the issue where users were shown a Dev Mode error if they were timed-out of a MyLCI session
      • Resolved the issue where users were being continuously redirected upon login and could not gain access to MyLion, Insights and Learn
    • Mobile
      • Resolved the issue for iOS where users were unable to save a profile photo

View Recording of myLion Webinar (conducted by Lions Clubs International) - 13 February 2020 => Click here

Website: https://mylion.zendesk.com

Resources on LCI Website:

Email: MyLionSupport@lionsclubs.org

Facebook Support Group:

  • MyLion Forum (Closed Group)

Other Facebook Online Support Groups

  • Lions Clubs Help and Support Group
  • Lions Global Action Team (Membership, Leadership & Service)

Lions Clubs International YouTube Channel:

MyLion Demonstration: Create a New Activity

MyLion Demonstration: Reporting a Past Activity

MyLion Club Webinar: How to use MyLion to support your service

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