District 201N1
DG David Emanuel (2018-2019)

New South Wales, Australia

Drought Relief Appeal - District 201N1

Dated August 2018

As you are aware, over the past few weeks, two Appeals for funds are being held in our District to provide assistance to those deeply affected by the drought.Drought Assistance Folder

The Appeal being conducted by District Cabinet has received wonderful support, and our Cabinet Treasuer is currently holding about $30,000 with more arriving daily.

Another Appeal is being conducted nationwide, by The Australian Lions Foundation (ALF). At this stage, are not aware in monetary terms, what has been received, but we understand that response has been magnificent.

When the ALF Appeal concludes at the end of August, ALF will disperse collected funds to DG’s in affected areas. It is my intention that ALL funds received, both District and ALF, will be used to assist PEOPLE IN NEED. The provision of stock feed and support of farm needs is being managed magnificently by groups such as NEED FOR FEED (A project of the Lions Club of Packerham) and others.

To find PEOPLE IN NEED, we are enlisting the help of all Lions Clubs in Regions 4, 5 & 6 to assist in identifying those desperately requiring help.

We have forwarded each of these Clubs the attached Drought Relief Need Application form. We have asked Clubs using their local network of Lions members, members families, community groups, service and sporting clubs, GP’s, Bank Managers, Police etc.and to identify those in their area that require our help.

All clubs are free to copy the application form and submit as many applications as you deem necessary. Completed Application is to be returned to me at 146/1 Greenmeadows Drive Port Macquarie  NSW  2444 by no later than  21st September 2018.

We are mindful that initial thoughts go out to those on the land, but there are many others in residential areas, that due to their business or to their connection to the land, may also need our help
This letter is being sent to all Clubs in Regions 1, 2 & 3 to keep them “in the loop” of how Appeal money will be distributed.

Although the whole of NSW has been declared a drought area, thankfully at this stage, the coastal areas within our District, are generally not as badly affected by the drought as our brothers and sisters on the western side of the range, however if you are aware of any persons who are affected by the drought, please do not hesitate to submit an application seeking assistance.

David Emanual
District Governor 2018-2019