District 201N1
DG David Emanuel (2018-2019)

New South Wales, Australia

The Webmaster is responsible for the maintenance of the District Website - 201n1.lions.org.au. The Webmaster can also assist Clubs in establishing their own OzClubhouse website and providing basic support (although individual Clubs are responsible for maintaining their own websites).

The Webmaster can assist with the following:

District Website

  • Updates to the website (Cabinet officers are encouraged to submit content);
  • Updates to Club Directory (Lions, Lionesses & Leos)
  • Updates to Cabinet Officers Directory
  • Inclusion of District Events in Calendar;
  • Inclusion of News items in the District Newsfeed; or
  • Promotion of programs and activities on the website

Oz Clubhouse

  • Helping Clubs establish their own Oz Clubhouse Website;
  • Assisting Clubs to change the administrator of their Oz Clubhouse Website to another member; or 
  • Providing basic support for Oz Clubhouse.

Further assistance on Oz Clubhouse may be obtained from:

​Support Request Form


For further information or assistance you may: